Around The World & Back In Time: Collectible Maps & Globes

If you’ve been to the store lately, or just walked past it, you might have noticed our “back to school window” and the globes and wall maps…

back to school antiques on broadway fargo-moorhead

But those aren’t the only vintage globes and maps we have in our antique shop.

Along with the W. & A.K. Johnston’s pull-down wall map of the Eastern Hemisphere and the over-sized for-school-use Hammond’s Clear-Relief Wall Atlas, we have a Literary Digest Liberty Map of the Western Front of The Great World War (WWI), and an antique boxed set of boxed Whitbeck-Finch pull-down wall maps in original box. Absolutely rare and stunning pieces worthy of any collector’s attention.

hammond's clear rfeleif wall atlas

wwi map

antique wall maps in box

vintage globe

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