Vintage Brown Stoneware Bowls

A collection of vintage brown glazed stoneware bowls will be brought into the store today. These vintage bowls, 5 in total, are in three sizes: two small bowls measuring roughly 6-inch across, two medium bowls roughly 7 inches across, and one larger bowl about 9 inches across.

vintage brown pottery kitchenalia

Only the two medium-sized bowls are marked “Genuine Dunlap Cream Whip Bowl,” but even without that marking what gives them away is the unique “dimple” in the bottom of all the salt- or bristol-glazed bowls. This indentation (inside and out) was for the beater or hand mixer made by the Columbia Metal Products Company of Chicago, IL.

vintage red wing dunlap bowls

With or without the original beater apparatus, these vintage advertising bowls still can whip-up some great stuff!

Perhaps even more exciting for collectors is the fact that while these bowls are not marked “Red Wing”, they were in fact made by Minnesota’s own Red Wing Stoneware Company. (Red Wing collectors will note that these bowls are specifically mentioned in collectors’ guides.) As such, they are very fine examples of pottery and the rich brown yet imperfect glaze with exposed stoneware on the thick shoulders of the rims makes them quite popular with today’s trend in primitive or rustic country home decor looks.

The two smaller bowls, one marked one pint, and the larger bowl may also be made by Red Wing; the glaze and pottery is nearly indistinguishable from the two marked bowls.

Made of quality glazed stoneware, these vintage crockery bowls are not only collectible but can still be used today, going into the oven safely.

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