North Dakota History

One of our dealers, Fair Oaks Antiques, is actually a husband-wife team who are really into history. Today, the husband half, Derek Dahlsad, was featured on the front page of The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead for his North Dakota history website called Dakota Death Trip. (Details are here.)

derek dahlsad fargo forum

In our antique shop, you can find the stuff Fair Oaks Antiques has for sale by looking in the front window of the shop and by looking for dealer id “EQ” on tags. Some of the recent goodies include this incredible antique venetian glass chandelier, some antique wooden boxes, and vintage soda pop bottles. Stop by the shop and see the cool antiques from all our dealers!


antique wooden boxes glass soda bottles fargo antiques on broadway

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Rusty Relics & Primitives At Antiques On Broadway

Lots of fabulous new-but-old items are always arriving in the shop. Here are some great kitchen items, including vintage enamelware and a great wooden cupboard.

vintage red and white enamelware

vintage antique furniture kitchen cupboard fargo

Some other primitive antiques from dealer EQ.

we have your collectibles fair oaks antiques primitives

antique milk can

antique horse hames dealer eq

And who doesn’t love this antique beehive moonshine jug?!

antique beehive moonshine jug antiques on broadway fargo

Last, but not least, the always popular wooden trays for printers’ blocks.

wooden print block printer trays

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Antiques On Broadway Among Best Of The Best In Fargo-Moorhead Antique Shopping

Each year the High Plains Reader has it’s “Best of the Best” awards, covering the best bets in Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo — and Antiques On Broadway made the finals!

best antique shop in fargo-moorhead finalists

From the HPR itself:

The primary focus of categories relates to our niche: art, entertainment and nightlife. We have very little focus on corporate-type businesses or events. Instead, we hone in on who are the best artists and art spaces, the best bands and musicians, the best bars and venues, and other things like radio talk shows, celebrities, and, of course, our staple of food, restaurants and chefs.

Nominations will open Thursday, Feb. 20, and continue for three weeks. After that open nomination period, the contest re-opens March 12 with a handful of finalists listed for each of the 50 categories. Voting concludes April 1.

Award winners for 2014 will be kept secret until our Gathering of the Best Awards Celebration at the Plains Art Museum Wednesday night, April 16. A subsequent issue of the Reader will be a ‘keeper’ edition with focus on the many winners who indeed represent the best of the best here in the greater Fargo-Moorhead community.

We are super proud to be among the finalists for “Best Thrift / Antique Store” — dare we dream of being number one?!

If you haven’t voted already, you can (and should!) vote here, or vote on Facebook. (And if you vote for us, let us know on our Facebook page!)

hpr finalists best of the bestfarg

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Prom Season In Fargo Moorhead

No matter what high school you (or your teen) is attending in the Fargo-Moorhead area, the talk is all about getting ready for prom. If you ladies want to really shine on prom night, come to Antiques On Broadway for your jewelry needs. We’ve got stunning vintage jewelry, including lots of rhinestone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. We even have rare sets of vintage pieces. And if color is more your thing than straight-up rhinestone bling, check out our vast collection of vintage costume jewelry! Since it’s vintage, it’s unique!

vintage rhinestone jewelry prom fargo moorhead

sparkling prom jewelry fargo moorhead

vintage costume jewlery fargo

black and white rhineston jewelry antiques on broadway

The shop also has other vintage fashion and accessory finds too, so stop on in!

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Sale On Records 3/22/2014 to 3/29/2014

During this week we are having a sale on records, cassettes, 8-tracks, cds, and anything else with music if it is marked RB, RBW, RBD, DF, WMD, WD, BAG, TAW, or WDX.

RB, RBW, RBD, and DF are 30% off
WMD, WD, WDX, TAW, and BAG are 25% off

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Antiques On Broadway In The News

Our very own Leon was featured in a news article about Fargo, Fargo: No longer Far-gone:

IT’S A LATE FRIDAY afternoon on Broadway, a street populated with art shops, an FM radio studio, restaurants, bars, and an 88-year-old film theater. The city has renovated the road as part of a plan to revitalize downtown. One man skateboards up the sidewalk. Others chain their bikes to lampposts and fire hydrants. Next to downtown’s historic railroad tracks, a cashier with a blond goatee tends the Antiques at Broadway sales desk. Leon Melaas, 26, lives with two roommates in a downtown apartment loft. He moved to the city a few years ago to “escape” from a small North Dakota town called Maddock. Now he sells jewelry and records.

Leon actually sells a whole lot more — but we can understand the three-page article couldn’t cover them all!

But there’s a bit more too… About trains…

fargo trains downtown Daniel James Devine

The railroad tracks symbolize Fargo’s early growth: Settlers wedged the town against the Red River, a snake that slithers lazily from south to north and forms North Dakota’s border with Minnesota. (The Red River is actually green.) Today the tracks still carry cargo trains into downtown, and 18-wheelers barrel along Main Street, where warehouses and businesses sell furniture, cabinets, signs, forklifts, backhoes, trucks, and huge steel tanks. Occasionally a picture or glass object falls to the floor of a local antique shop as trains clatter by.

Gee, I wonder who told them that last part? *wink*

(Photo of the trains by Daniel James Devine.)

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Comics Sale During Comic-Con

This Saturday 2-22-2014, we will be having a sale that will apply to most comics throughout the entire store. Most comics will be 50% off during the Comic-Con. So if there were some you were looking at but didn’t buy, now would be a great time to save some money.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Along with stocking up on food, why not stockpile some things to do inside during this cold weather? At Antiques On Broadway, we’ve got lots of interesting, old school ways to entertain yourself — and the family too.

We’ve got vintage and retro board games and puzzles to help pass the time. Everything from the classic board games to iconic tin lithographed games. And there are vintage model kits and antique toys too. Why not play with that model train set? If you didn’t get it out at holiday time, these long cold weeks are a perfect time to do it!

dick butkus jigsaw puzzle

vintage poky the clown tin litho game target

vintage kenner mold master antiques on broadway

If you’re more the type to snuggle in with a good read, we’ve got lots of neat things to read — from antique history books and classic children’s books to vintage magazines, newspapers, and comics. And, of course, we have the largest selection of vintage vinyl and other records too.

vintage books fargo

vintage farmer magazines fargo antiques

vintage disney hansel gretel lp

vintage newspapers ephemera antiques on broadway

So take some time to stop in and see what’s new in old stuff!

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The Holidays

Come to Antiques On Broadway to get your holiday gifts. Forget the electronics, get something different you can enjoy. There’s all kinds of toys for the kids. There’s also many board games for the entire family. There’s a lot of China for holiday dinners. There’s over 100,000 things to choose from. Find your perfect Christmas gift here.

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Authentic Prairie Pictures

It only makes sense that Fargo’s Antiques On Broadway would have authentic works by Ida Prokop Lee, including these original vintage lamps — which still have the original tags, stating they are from Ida Lee’s Prairie Studio, Inc. of Valley City, North Dakota.

authentic Ida Prokop Lee lamps fargo antiques

ida lee label

Like Ida’s Prairie Pictures, the lamps feature feathers from game birds arranged to resemble bouquets of flowers. They are truly fabulous when the lights are on, illuminating the details of the craftsmanship.

In our large Fargo-Moorhead antique shop, we also have lots of the more traditional framed Prairie Picture pieces as well. Some can be seen here.

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